Monday, 6 April 2009



troylloyd said...


mike cannell said...


how's the book coming on?

troylloyd said...

= )


i haven't even start'd it yet outside of yr b-day remixes, i gotta try to at least fix my old rundown Sharp Z70 photocopier which has enlarge/reduce but it's on the fritz, i might actually go to a copyshop, altho it'd be alotta copying to see what comes out best & that'd get expensive, i don't have the money right now to get the used Canon machine i wanna get -- my boss still owes me some loot tho, if he'd ever pay me, jeez, i been really busy working for him these last 2 months & have only got paid for 3 weeks of my labor!

so, when i finally get paid, i'll be able to weigh out if i have enough left-over to go ahead * getta good Canon refurb'd machine & then the Birdword publishing empire will truly take flight!

mike cannell said...

ah.. wage slavery strikes again.. and technology isn't helping.
check out my new pseudo-twitter minimalist poetry blog

troylloyd said...

" notatwit"


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